Always Learning

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About Us

Pearson is the world's leading learning company. We partner with faculty and institutions to create innovative solutions to improve student achievement and institutional effectiveness. We support learning from the time a child enters school throughout their educational journey. We aim to help students get to college and succeed there, enter the workforce and attain their professional goals. We create and connect content, technology, assessment and services to create unique learning solutions. We also deliver services that can help schools and academic institutions achieve their goals.


Our Focus

  • Increasing achievement. Instant access to reliable data can help in developing personalized learning, assessment, and instruction, and provide the blueprint for comprehensive faculty and institutional effectiveness.
  • Expanding access. From digital course materials and real-time assessments, to fully-online courses, learning solutions are more flexible, powerful, and accessible than ever before.
  • Enabling affordability. Innovative technology provides the best opportunity to deliver personalized, scalable, and engaging solutions that drive results up and drive costs down.